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A rural area where folks wave a friendly greeting, take time for friendly conversation…or lend a helping hand if needed.

MINING, APACHE WARS AND THE RAILROAD EXPANSION may have created our towns in this mountain valley, but the elevation of 4,100 to 5,200 feet gives us the type of year round pleasant weather that has kept people coming to our area year after year. The elevation prevents the extreme summer heat of Tucson and Phoenix and winters are pleasantly comfortable with an average high of 61 degrees in January. Our valley is considered an excellent health spot due to pureness of air, low humidity, elevation and moderate year-round climate.

MOUNTAIN RANGES completely surround the Sulphur Springs Valley….

TO THE NORTH is Mount Graham with a peak elevation of 10,713 offering an observatory as well as camping and fishing. Apache Pass borders the Dos Cabezas Mountains, in the northeast. It was the scene of many battles between the U.S. Army and the great Indian Chief, Cochise. Other skirmishes located there included renegade Geronimo and his band of Apaches.

ON THE EAST SIDE of the valley in the center of the Chiricahua Mountains is the Wonderland of Rocks, a National Monument for the past sixty years. The highest peak is 9,795 and the area is internationally famous for it’s exceptional variety of birds. Hiking trails bring you into Echo Canyon and through three eco systems. Still further south are Turkey Creek and Rock Creek, an area of seasonal streams, large trees and magnificent views. It abounds with deer, javelina, dove, quail, ducks and geese.












DIRECTLY TO THE SOUTHWEST lie the Mule Mountains and the historic old mining town of Bisbee, site of the famous and colorful Lavender Pit Turquoise Mine.           

TO OUR WEST are the majestic Dragoon Mountains; site of Cochise Stronghold, an area which is a natural wooded fortress surrounded by spectacular cliffs that enabled the Apache leader, Cochise and his small band of warriors to hold out against the U.S. Army’s thousands for several years. This area now draws sightseers, campers, hikers, nature lovers, artists and photographers. Adjacent to the Dragoons is Texas Canyon with its extraordinary rock formations. The Amerind Foundation and Museum is located there.

SUNSITES is an attractive community of 1,500 people whose well-maintained homes surround its championship golf course which graces this area with its greenery and duck ponds. A medical clinic and a fire and rescue department are always ready if needed. A convenience store, restaurants, library, churches and a new community center are accompanied by many diverse businesses. Large apple, peach, pecan and pistachio orchards thrive here, as well as many small family sized orchards and vegetable gardens. Almost anything grows here- from grapes, melons, and tomatoes, to peanuts, rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries. Farm produce such as wheat, milo, corn, alfalfa, chili peppers, pinto beans, cotton and popcorn and feed corn are also grown in the valley.

ONE MILE SOUTH OF SUNSITES is the old mining town of Pearce, founded in 1893 and the last of Arizona's gold and silver stampede towns. The Commonwealth Mine made Pearce a boomtown with a population of 3,500. At that time the mine Produced more gold that any other mine in the southwest. Although Pearce is considered a ghost town, there are still several families living there. The original school is still in use today with recent additions. A scattering of deteriorating adobe and frame buildings remains in the Pearce along with the old cemetery.

GHOST TOWN TRAIL begins at Pearce and winds its way through the ghostly remains of the town of Courtland and Gleeson, then on to Tombstone " The Town To Tough To Die".

WILLCOX AND BENSON are each a half-hour drive away and both offer fully equipped hospitals. Tucson, which is approximately one and one-half hour's drive offers all the amenities of a large city. Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta, Mexico are an hour's drive and provide that "South of the Border" experience.















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